About Viewings

A unique way of managing your property

To develop a new era property management system to help connect people, to help people maximise their value of time. Create a path for future generation to develop.

It's all about TRUST
This is the most important element of our business. We believe the strength of our business is not competing with our others, but servings our customer’s needs.

A network focused around the property market, aimed to connect people thorough a streamlined internet property marketing toolbox, bringing all property-related issues to one place through transparency.

The purpose of Viewings Ltd.
Your Property Your Profit.
We understand that connecting people has become easier through the advancement of technology.

Pick the services your property really needs
We have dissected the market to help personalise your service, unlike with fixed priced agents or percentage takers, you are sold a complete package and some services included may not even be required. We believe every property owners needs are different therefore aim to maintain a more transparent relationship through a clear marketing pricing stragety.

Your Property Your Profit
We understand that your property is one of the biggest investments you will make in a lifetime. We feel the old system exploited clients of their investments for too large of a financial gain (i.e 1%) for a mere walk around in a suit. We therefore have streamlined our service to reward our clients maximised profits with our marketing tools.

You know your property and choice best
When buying, selling or renting there are many questions, people sacrifice much of their time communicating via an agent to obtain simple information which could lead to a more precise decision quicker. We therefore, encourage our clients to meet face to face because we believe from a landlords point of view "Who knows your property better than you", share your valuable information faster.

Sustainability is a vision, we constantly aim to achieve, we like to monitor areas of where we can be more efficient in our procedures to have a smaller impact on our environment and climate. We are constantly looking for ways to be less paper reliant, using recycle materials and find more sustainable to run our operations. We have set ourselves several goals to achieve by 2025. Using solar power and recycle materials to run at least 75% of our operations.

We will post our latest updates and achievements on this page.

Future Development
We understand our customers are our most important assets, to achieve our goals in becoming the best of our abilities we value your input. Tell us where we can improve, we did good or even something that you felt you needed, and we never achieved.

Email us: info@viewings.properties

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