Problem Tenants?

Our tenant eviction service helps you gain control of your property

At Tenant Eviction 21, we will help you with as much or as little of your claim as you require. You might be at the beginning of the procedure or at the stage where you need help now. Our fee structure covers each phase of the process so that you do not pay for anything you don’t need and start at just £60 + VAT for the serving of notice.

Most claim failures are due to mistakes made at the beginning of the eviction process or mistakes already made when issuing the tenancy agreement. With our initial free consultation, we can help identify such errors and discuss the best way to correct them before you commence the process. If then you wish to avail yourself of our services, we would proceed as follows:

PHASE 1 – The serving of notices

Once we have checked all the relevant documentation, we can serve notice(s) on your behalf as your agents.

PHASE 2 – Court Proceedings

We can assist in the preparation, submission and administration of the claim, witness statements, hearing bundle, certificates of service etc. and provide legal representation at any hearing.

PHASE 3 – Bailiffs

If the bailiffs are required, we can assist with the application and administration, whether in the High Court or County Court.

Why our service is the best

We have a full range of experts with collective experience in evicting tenants of over 10 years.


We have a free phone number and quick response system set up to help you 24/7. We also offer free initial consultation.


We have a 100% success rate in obtaining possession orders for our landlords.


We keep you informed of your claim every step of the way and guide you through our 3-phase process.

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