Live Virtual Viewings

View any property with a group of up to 15 people of your choice

We have changed the way you can view any of our properties with a real agent, on our interactive live virtual tour. Where you, your friends and family can all view together the same property at once on your own personal device.

Live Virtual Viewings (LVV) is far more than the next generation of finding your next property.
Our agents can share live video, desktops, applications, presentations, files, and whiteboards to your individual devices.

You are able to interact with the agent and other participants via your mic or video.
The agent can switch between live stream and show you property related documents.

Everyone you need to make them all important decisions, at the same viewing but different places

How It Works?


Choose a property to wish to view


Arrange a time


Select which friends & family you want to join you


Simple one tap download and join live


Agent can share live footage and screen share information


Share opinions amongst your family and friends

Cross Collaboration

Connect and collaborate with your agent, friend and family. We can reach our clients on their PCs, tablets, or smartphones whenever you need us.

Screen Sharing & Real-Time Collaboration

View and comment on live videos presentations, advertisements, property reports and documents. Benefit from the varied experience with your other chosen participants, wherever they are.

Simple & Easy Scheduling

Sync with Outlook or Google Calendar to stay on top of your viewing schedules. Send email or text invites.

HD Video Quality

We are taking our live virtual viewings to a new level. Pick up visual cues, get your point across, and never have to cope with lag or glitches. If you miss your meeting your agent will still record your detailed viewing and share it with you.

Invite Anyone to Participate

Connect with whoever you need to, to keep help you make better decisions in one go. Anyone can participate in your meetings, via a secure link.

Check in on The Road

Never miss a crucial viewing or see your dream property as soon as possible. Connect with your agent via PC, smartphone, or tablet, wherever you are. You can even tune in to viewings via audio on the phone through the Call Me feature whilst on the road.

£30Per House Choose Up To 15 Participants

Request a Live Virtual Viewing


Our agents will require names and date of birth of all person(s), we will contact you through a partner company to provide this service, please read privacy policy regarding, sharing your information.

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