Lettings Packages

Letting your property could not be easier, pick your package & level of control

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Earn up to £10* for positive recommendations from registered users


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Property Appraisal

Property Appears on our Website

Expert Agent Assistance

Real and Online Support

Availability Calendar (Arrange your viewings around you)

Manage your property viewings & offers in your online portal. Accept, decline or counter in real time.

Upload your property within minutes.

A dedicated agent will review your advert and help you achieve the most out your listing

Who knows your property better than you? Describe your property and we will provide a free review from an expert agent.

We will upload your property to our Website, Zoopla, Primelocation, Facebook Market Place & Instagram

Tenant setup

Tenancy Agreement

Deposit Registration

Tenant Vetting


Accompanied viewings (5 Mile Radius from agent)

5 Free

5 Free

5 Accompanied viewings



Signature Customised To Let Sign Board inc. changing status and removal



Initial Visit and Photography By Agent


Virtual Tour 360 of house + Professional photos



Room Measurements & 2D Floor Plans



3D including 2D Floor Plans (Typical three bedroom home, additional rooms £7.99)



Inventory (Check In & Check Out)



Professional Cleaning on check out



EPC Report* Mandatory Requirement



Electric Safety Certificate



Gas Safety Certificate



You earn the commission! Existing clients earn some rewards on referring positive leads.

£5 Gold

£10 Platinum

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